What Does a Real Estate Agent Do?

If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home, business or other real estate, you’ll

probably wind up working with a real estate agent at some point. These licensed

professionals are trained to help their clients with all kinds of real estate

transactions, including listing properties, showing homes and assisting in closing



They also work to keep up with local market trends, property values and regulations.

That’s why it’s important for consumers to find a good real estate agent who is

familiar with the area they are selling or purchasing in, and is knowledgeable about

local neighborhoods, schools and more.

A real estate agent’s job is to help their clients buy and sell property, usually

residential (homes) or commercial (offices, stores). They are generally required to beemployed by a licensed real estate broker, who works at a higher level in the

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For sellers, their duties include preparing and listing a property for sale, setting an

appropriate price, advertising the property and hosting open houses. They may also

make referrals for services like home staging or cleaning, as well as prepare and

submit all necessary paperwork for the transaction to close.

Buyers’ agents help their clients find properties that meet their needs and budget,

scour listings and schedule appointments to tour homes that fit the criteria. They

can also assist in negotiating offers and handling the myriad of other details

involved in the home-buying process, including obtaining financing, navigating

inspections and ensuring a smooth closing.


Both agents and brokers spend a significant amount of time networking with others

in their industry. They attend networking events, host open houses and work to

develop their reputation in the community, which can help them find new clients.

They often have to work long hours, too, as they’re frequently out of the office

scouting and touring properties or meeting with clients.

A real estate professional is always juggling the many different demands of their

career. They are required to stay on top of their real estate market and keep up with

all the latest regulations and market changes, which can be challenging for someone

who already has a full plate. They are often required to meet strict deadlines and

work with a wide range of people, from their clients to lending officers and home



While it is possible for a real estate agent to represent both the seller and the buyer

in a single transaction, it’s typically not advisable and is regulated by state law.

Having loyalties to either side can compromise the integrity of the process and

potentially impact negotiations. Fortunately, most agents and brokers choose to

only represent one party in each transaction to avoid conflicts of interest.